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I learnt to play the Chet Atkins style when I was 16 year old. I first met Pete Townshend (guitarist and principal songwriter in British band The Who) in Art School, we shared a strong interest in the Chet Atkins style and he has written a wonderful recommendation:


Pete Townshend Ful Letter

I remember Doug from Art College and, even then – in 1962 – he was adept at finger-picking. I learnt a lot from watching him, and was inspired by his enthusiam for Chet Atkins to become a fan myself (which, though at odds with the R & B I was mainly listening to, enriched my own finger-style: listen to “Animal” on my EMPTY GLASS solo album, or “I’m One” on QUADROPHENIA, and you can hear how Doug and Chet inspired me).

I urge anyone who wants to broaden their scope on guitar to look at Doug’s method. It could help you, as it once helped me.

Pete Townshend